U.S.S. SHANGRI-LA Log Book (15 Sept 1945 - 15 Sept 1946)

Reproduced below is a copy of the log book covering the SHANGRI-LA's activities from 15 Sept 1945 to 15 Sept 1946 (thanks again to John Zollo!)

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September 15, 1946
Commanding Officer Captain W. P. Cogswell, USN
Executive Officer CDR. D. B. Overfield, USN
Air Officer CDR J. A. Thomas, USN
Communication Officer CDR. T. W. Hillis, USN
Dental Officer CDR. P. W. Suitor, USN
First Lieutenant LCDR. W. Godwin, USN
Engineering Officer CDR. H. D. Kermode, USN
Gunnery Officer CDR. C. E. Conboy, USN
Medical Officer CDR. C. P. Phoebus, USN
Navigator CDR. J. B. Burks, USN
Supply Officer CDR. I. T. Brooks, USN
Chaplain Lieut. P. N. Oklevik, USNR

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Sept. 16, 1945 Entered and anchored in Tokyo Bay.
Oct. 1-4 Underway from Tokyo Bay enroute Buckner Bay, Okinawa.
Oct. 6-21 Underway from Okinawa bound for home at last.
Oct 22 Thirty day leave commences for approximately one half the ships' company.
Nov. 5 Enroute San Pedro to San Diego.
Nov. 26 Captain E. A. Cruise succeeds Captain R. F. Whitehead as Skipper of the Shangri-La.
Dec. 6-9 Underway from San Diego to Puget Sound Navy yard, Bremerton, Washington.
Dec. 11 Enter dry dock for repairs.
Dec. 20 Dry dock period completed.
Dec. 25 Christmas Day spent anchored in Sinclair Inlet, Puget Sound.
Dec. 30 - Jan. 2 Underway from Puget Sound to San Diego. New year welcomed at sea.
Jan. 2 - Feb. 14 Training operations of various kinds, including day and night carrier qualifications, conducted.
Feb. 14-22 Enroute from San Diego to Norfolk, Virginia by way of the Panama Canal. First stop at Balboa, Canal Zone.
Feb. 24 Underway from Balboa to Colon. Four hundred Canal Zone passengers embarked for the passage of the Canal.
Feb. 25 - Mar. 1 Steaming from Colon to Norfolk.
Mar. 4-7 Underway from Norfolk to conduct carrier pilot qualifications.
Mar. 18-22 Enroute to Cristobal, Canal Zone on first leg of return to San Diego.
Mar. 23 Passage of Panama Canal from east to west coast.
Mar. 25-31 Underway from Balboa, Canal Zone bound for San Diego.
Apr. 5-10 Enroute from San Diego to Pearl Harbor.
Apr. 12-17 Underway from Pearl Harbor to N.A.S. Alameda, Calif.
Apr. 18-19 Left Alameda bound for San Diego.
Apr. 23-26 Conducted carrier qualifications off San Diego. Radio controlled drones were launched from Shangri-La.
Apr. 30 - May 9 More flight operations in San Diego area, including Operations Crossroads rehearsal for press representatives.
May 21-27 Underway to Pearl Harbor from San Diego.
May 29 Enroute to Roi Anchorage, Kwajalien Atoll, Marshall Islands in connection with Atomic Bomb tests.
June 5 Enter Roi Anchorage.
June 6-20 Conducted operations including radio controlled launchings in preparation for Able Day, Operations Crossroads.
July 1 Able Day for Operations Crossroads, Radio Controlled F6F Drones launched from Shangri-La to gather radio activity data from Atomic Cloud, located 44 miles from the blast.
July 5 Captain W. P. Cogswell relieved Captain E. A. Cruise as skipper of the Shangri-La.
July 25 Baker day at Bikini Atoll. Shangri-La again participated by launching Drones to gather scientific data from the resulting cloud. Again approximately 44 miles from the explosion.
July 28 - Aug. 2 Underway from Roi to Pearl Harbor on first leg of homeward trip.
Aug. 3-9 Enroute from Pearl Harbor to San Diego with full load of aircraft bound for overhaul.
Sept. 3-5 Conducting carrier pilot qualifications off the California coast.
Sept. 8-14 Underway from San Diego to Pearl Harbor with thirty prominent civilian passengers embarked as guests of the Secretary of the Navy.
Sept. 15 Our second anniversary passed uneventfully at Pier Fox 12 and 13, Ford Island, Pearl Harbor.

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September 15, 1945 - September 15, 1946
Miles steamed 50,669.4
Fuel oil used - gallons 9,097,278
Days at sea 145
Days in port 220
Days at Operation Crossroads 62
Longest period of days continuously at sea 15
Number of Destroyers fueled at sea 15
Number of planes landed 4,446
Aviation gasoline expended - gallons 1,220,000
5 inch ammunition expended - rounds 650
40mm ammunition expended - rounds 7,462
20mm ammunition expended - rounds 40,407
Ships' Company: Officers 74
        Enlisted 1,398
        Marine 65

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