U.S.S. SHANGRI-LA Aviation Repair Crew

Photo from The SHANGRI-LA HORIZON SPECIAL EDITION, Vol. 1, No. 11, May 6, 1945


Standing Top Row, Left to Right:
H.N. Spieler, AM1c; P.J. Smith, AM3c; E.S. Rectoris, AM2c; W.F. Aksenseau, AM1c; J.W. Browning, AM1c; J. Pazzaglia, AM3c; F.D. Colletti, AM3c.

Kneeling, Left to Right:
T.J. Callahan, AM2c; H.C. Jahr, AM2c; F. Chimeri, AM3c; R.B. Haney, AM3c; E.W. Eaton, AM2c; E.A. Kosinski, AM3c; J. Drzich, AM3c.

Sitting, Left to Right:
R. Gastow, AM1c; F.J. Kealin, ACM; G.W. Barnier, AM2c; E.E. Marquart, AM3c; G. Bergin, ACM; J. A. Tutorow, AM2c.

Thanks to David W. Daggett for providing this great picture and info!

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