RMI Workshop - Genetic Algorithms

October 7, 1999

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Table of Contents

RMI Workshop - Genetic Algorithms

Other Optimization Colleagues

A "no hype" introduction to genetic algorithms (GA)


Optimization Application Examples at ARCO

What to look for in an Optimization Technique

Convergent and Divergent Behaviors

Genetic Algorithms - A Sample Problem

Lift Gas Optimization

Genetic Algorithms - Representing a Solution

Genetic Algorithms - Crossover and Mutation

Genetic Algorithms - Evaluating a Solutionís Fitness

Genetic Algorithms - The Process

What are the necessary requirements for using a GA?

When should you not use a GA?

Earth Model Showing Primary Reflections

Earth Model with Surface Multiple Reflections

Estimating the Inverse Source Wavelet

Seismic Surface Multiple Attenuation Using a GA

Another Example - Kuparuk Material Balance

The Material Balance Problem

Normalized Solution Vectors

Normalization Example

Initial Solution Attempt

Formulating the problem as a string of bits

Material Balance - Second Try

Some Insights

An Example

Easier to see the impact graphically...

Material Balance - Third and Fourth Try

Gradient = Slope = Derivative

Gradient Estimator

What are bit climbers?

Keeping the changes to a minimum

The Modified Bit Climber

Donít backtrack

Adding a bit of memory (Tabu Search?)

Problem with the "memory" technique

A floating point "Bit" climber


GA/Oil-Related Publications

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