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A picture of the U.S.S. SHANGRI-LA on a postcard from Navy Day, October 27, 1945. This "Flight Deck Parade" photo was taken from an SB2C of VB-85 with a professional photographer in the rear seat, sometime around Aug 15, 1945. Thanks to Kenneth S. Reightler for this info.

Carl and Louise Crawford, circa 1945. They married while Carl was on shore leave.

Plank Certificate for Carl E. Crawford

The U.S.S. SHANGRI-LA, prior to being repainted in the Pearl Harbor Navy Yard during Feb 23 to Mar 2, 1945.

Cover from the 1944/1945 U.S.S. SHANGRI-LA log book

Irene Coulson Livingston, a Wave that visited the SHANGRI-LA while docked in San Diego in the 1940's.

My vanity plate. Kelly (I'm the web guy) and Phyllis Crawford, with kids Misty, Kelsey and Amber (L to R).
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Through the SHANGRI-LA reunion guest book, I found out that Gordon Pence lives very near me! So I called my dad, Carl Crawford, and the next time he was in town, I scheduled a lunch for the three of us. We had a great time! I listened, and they talked about the Shang! It was great fun. Here's a picture that I took on Gordon's camera, and then he emailed it to me (Gordon on the left, and Carl on the right - December 1999).

The crew of the U.S.S. SHANGRI-LA on deck for a picture

(submitted by John Zollo).

Robert Lee Drum (Shipfitter 3/c) in front of the "scoreboard"

(submitted by Diane Culp:

Robert Lee Drum (Shipfitter 3/c) and William Michael Harrington (First class UN)

(submitted by Diane Culp:
Mr. Harrington identified by his son Mike)
U.S.S. SHANGRI-LA Gunnery Division officers, June 1945
(submitted by John Zollo)
Photo of the U.S.S. SHANGRI-LA
(submitted by Jesse E. Brown, Jr.)
CPO Mess Hall, Mess Crew, July 30, 1945
Jesse E. Brown (bottom left); James H. Daggett (bottom right)
Anyone know any more of these fellows?
(left zoom)
(right zoom)
(submitted by Jesse E. Brown, Jr.)
Shipmates Mr. Sexton and Bill Grigsby
(submitted by Bill Grigsby)
Navy Day, Oct 27, 1945
(submitted by Richard Pearsall)
The launch of the U.S.S. SHANGRI-LA
"At 1028 hrs, Thursday morning, Mrs. James D. Doolittle smashed the traditional bottle of champagne across the bow and christened her SHANGRI-LA. Launched before 100,000 witnesses. The bottle that Mrs. Doolittle used is in the San Diego Air & Space Museum."
The air force officer is Shorty Manch (Jacob). Shorty was co pilot of crew #3 on the Doolittle Raid. The young lady is the daughter of a shipyard worker.
(submitted by Richard Pearsall)
Aviation Repair Crew (with names)
(submitted by David W. Daggett)
James H. Daggett on loading truck
(submitted by David W. Daggett)
Jacob Calvin Flippo
(submitted by Stacey Fleming)
VT-85 Aircrew
Ball turret gunner George Boehm at far left; Radioman Norman Sloan, standing, second from right; Fred Coffee, sitting in front. (submitted by Eric Boehm)
Frank E. Wilk and shipmates
(submitted by Frank Wilk, Jr.)
Captain Charles W. Lord
(submitted by Bob Kaminski)
Joe Reinert, MM 2/c, 1944 - 1946
(submitted by Mary Lou Mitchell)
The Shangri-La with crew on deck to spell ALOHA
(submitted by Mary Lou Mitchell)
Lighter with CVA-38 inscription
(submitted by Buddy Blair)
U.S.S. Shangri-La stationery
(submitted by John Zollo)
Cliff Sperry at Great Lakes boot camp, G1 Div Gunner's Mate
(submitted by John Zollo)
Cliff Sperry with high school buddy Ira Cooley
(submitted by John Zollo)
Plank Certificate for Less Richards
(submitted by David W. Richards)
Less Richards and friends
(submitted by David W. Richards)
Frederick W. Dozier and several U.S.S. SHANGRI-LA photos
(submitted by Frederick W. Dozier)
Matt Murphy, C. Brackett and L. Hammer in Hawaii, Feb/March 1945
(submitted by Matt Murphy)
Air conditioning crew September 15, 1944
(submitted by Don Carlson)


(submitted by Fred Carment)

1944/1945 track map of the U.S.S. SHANGRI-LA
Pages from the 1945/1946 U.S.S. SHANGRI-LA log book

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